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19 Aug 2016

Traditional hair loss treatment advices

Many men in the world suffer such thing as a permanent hair loss that usually effects their whole life. It can happen after 30 years old or even earlier and most of the times has no serious reasons. Luckily nowadays we have many variants to suffer this sickness and are provided with lots of medication which effect is visible already after the several weeks of using.

Hair loss reasons

Traditional hair loss treatment advicesMost of the men think that the main reason of the hair loss is a genetic fact while there are a lot of reasons that can effect it.

  • trichotillomania – is a habit to pull the hair when you are nervous. After a while the spot where a man usually does this action becomes bold, but after it stops everything grows back;
  • lack of needed hormones (as a result of the previous fact);
  • autoimmune disease when the body starts fighting its own health issues such as hair follicles;
  • There is a huge amount of the different tiles of infections, but the most dangerous here is a ringworm;
  • Chemotherapy like during the cancer treatment can reduce hair growth during a long time;
  • Overdose of some medication such steroids or hormone therapy;
  • Lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B12 and protein;
  • Stress;

The treatment advices

If you are loosing your hair and keep being sure that there is nothing to do about that, than you are wrong. In fact there are so many ways to fight it including medication, but the first thing you should do is to come back to a healthy lifestyle reducing stress, smoking and alcohol taking.

The second thing to pay attention on the hair treatment you do. If you start loosing your hair then you should start taking vitamins, choose a shampoo with lots of the natural components and make a head massage.

To slow down the hair loss you can try Minoxidil that you should apply straight on a bold surface. Another variant you can use is Finasteride that is actually the more effective analogue.

We also know about such solution as a hair transplantation. It’s getting more and more well-known while it still costs pretty much so most of the men don’t resolve to do it. Moreover it needs more time to be well-developed as for now the real result starts to get visible just after half a year after the therapy.

Laser therapy doesn’t really help to grow new hair, but helps to keep what has left. This is a device that should be used 15 minutes a day for 3 days a week.


This is one of the medications that has been proved by FDA and really helps to balance the hair growth. Any man can buy propecia online or even find it in the drug stores as its getting sold with no prescription. This medication is actually a production of androgen dihydrosterone that supplies the hair follicles with the nesessary amount of the needed components. Propecia is really effective, but has one serious disadvantage – you should take it all the time, ones you stop the hair will disappear in 3-8 months. Moreover the effect of this medication really depends on a sexual state of state as it can lead to such problems as impotence. You can find that medication at Get ED UK.


It’s better to be really careful with this drug is you have:

  • prostate problems;
  • allergic reaction to some medical components;
  • liver disease;
  • muscles disorder.


There are some other medications that help to convert a special hormone and prevent a hair loss. This medication doesn’t help to grow all the new hair, but slows down the loosing of the rest. The basic dose is just one pill a day that can be taken with or with no food and absorbed with water. The basic course is just 3 month, but it also can be taken during a longer period. When a man stops this treatment the hair growth stops in 12 months. This medication is really well-known in many countries. Finpecia: UK, USA, India and Russia – it’s all around the world. Please use the link to find prices.

These last variants are really traditional ones so if you want to slow down the hair falling you should choose one of them.

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28 Jul 2016

Psilosis for women, why does it take place?

Psilosis for womenDuring all life the regular changing of hair passes for women. There are periods, when a process goes more active. At a daily loss more than one hundred hair it is necessary to talk about exceeding of natural norm of fall. By sight hair can look more thin and rare, lose brilliance.

Why does a defluxion develop for women?

For diverse reasons a pelade comes for women (and we will talk below about it), but in every special case the amount of hair bulbs is gradual diminishes, the phase of height grows short, strands badly grow and become thinner.

Psilosis for women

Psilosis for womenEarly in life case of woman defluxion rarely meet from powerful defence of estrogens. But if an ailment happens nevertheless, then treatment of pelade for girls is easy enough with rapid renewal of head of hear. Why after 50 does a defluxion develop for women? Trihologs mark close connection between aging and this process of fall of hear head.

In a climacteric period the amount of estrogens diminishes in a woman organism, but the level of digidrotestesteron rises. Exactly masculine hormones weaken hair follicles and thin strands, that results in a defluxion. From a hormonal disbalance and predominance of orchidic hormone in the period of aging  a pelade develops for women. At the necessary complex of measures against this negative process a problem is decided in any age.

Signs of psilosis can be most different:

–             at a wash hair – if after taking a bath, you noticed greater what always falling out hairsprings, it is the first and above all sign of strong psilosis for women;

–             during a dream – on the average a man sleeps 8 hours, if for this time on a pillow, you noticed an abundant psilosis, it is needed to pay attention on it;

–             at combing – when you are combed, you do a massage hair follicle. Therefore if this not seasonal thinning out of head of hear, then it one of signs of defluxion;

If you began to notice falling out tufts on the comb, notice a translucent skin on a head or even high temples, then thoughtful and conduct a small test. Start a hand in the head of hear and conduct on them to the tags three times, if in your hand remained more than five, then it is a sign of psilosis.

Reasons of psilosis for women

skin-cross-sectionHair can fall out for women for many reasons:

-Failure in the hormonal system. Pregnancy, luing-ins, climax, pathology of ovaries, giperondrogia (surplus of masculine hormones) can provoke development of pelade for women. As a rule, gynaecologists appoint at a climax, giperondrogia , pathologies of ovaries alternative of gormons therapy by estrogens;

–             Emotional shocks. It is impossible not to estimate deep influence of stress situations, defiant disorders of blood supply of hair bulbs and repeated increase of masculine sexual hormones;

–             the Disbalance feed over is brought to violation of trophism in fabrics, surrounding hair bulbs, weaknesses of hair bar. Girls have strict diets frequent reason of pelade;

–             the Use of medicinal preparations (antibiotics, cytostatics, antidepressants). Some preparations, possessing toxicness, perniciously influence on curls, depriving their forces and health;

–             the Cicatrical changes of skin. A cicatrical defluxion develops after the traumas of skin of head, tuberculosis, syphilis, tumours on a head, obtrusive desire to pull up hair;

–             the Inherited factor. Such defluxion meets very rarely and passed only on a maternal line.

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