Our experts will convince you that most often main enemy of your hair is yourself. Have you bought same shampoo that revives hair in second, or expensive comb that can unravel anything, and you are confident that tomorrow your new hair will start new life? Let`s talk about mistakes in care.

Mistake 1

You comb your wet hair. This can`t be done. When wet, hair becomes much heavier, and as result, any interaction with comb will cause cut, tearing, pulling out of hair and loss of natural shine.

Mistake 2

You sleep with rubber band on your hair. Like any system of our body, hair needs rest. Tails or braids are direct part of hairstyle, but if you leave your hair under tension for night, they can become more fragile and brittle.

It can also negatively affect scalp circulation and state of nerve endings. So don`t be surprised if you wake up in morning with headache.

Mistake 3

You misuse hair masks. You can`t apply mask on scalp, if it`s intended only for hair, otherwise it will clog pores, scalp wouldn`t breathe.

Mistake 4

You don`t wear hat in cold season. Because of cold wind and low temperature, hair structure is damaged: they dry out, electrify, and can even fall out. Fact is that cold constricts vessels. This leads to deterioration in blood circulation: hair doesn`t receive necessary nutrition, so hair becomes more dull and brittle.

Mistake 5

You often dry your hair hot. Frequent drying in hot mode leads to dehydration of scalp and hair. Because of this, level of oily skin increases. Hair structure also suffers: it becomes more brittle, its color fades, and tips begin to split. To protect hair from direct exposure to hot stream, use special nozzles that will evenly direct thermal fluxes. It`s desirable to use tongs and irons according to principle “the less often the better” (1 time in 2 weeks).

Mistake 6

You use household dyes for hair. Main danger of home staining is that all household dyes contain a lot of aggressive components. In such products, manufacturer has introduced high concentration of ammonia and metal-containing coloring pigments – all in order to get guaranteed result. As you know, such “cocktail” isn`t best way can affect health of hair.

Mistake 7

At home, you incorrectly put paint on your hair. When self-coloring girls often make mistake. They distribute dye unevenly over hair. Because of this there may be spots. In addition, dyeing hair at home, you risk overdosing dye.

Mistake 8

When choosing product for hair, you don`t take into account pH of scalp. Problems due to use of products that don`t correspond to pH of scalp will always be – this is irritation, itching, contact dermatitis, peeling, very strong allergic reaction.

Mistake 9

You often use aggressive shampoos. Head can be washed every day with special, neutral shampoos and conditioners, but they must necessarily be marked “Means suitable for daily use”.