Problem of hair loss worries mainly strong half of humanity. But if men bravely tolerate decrease in amount of hair, associating it with genetic predisposition, and are relatively calm about such changes in appearance, then for women hair loss becomes serious problem comparable to appearance of wrinkles. And in fight against it all powerful artillery of cosmetological means is used.

Problem of hair loss is particularly relevant with onset of cold weather and heating season. Temperature changes, excessive dry air in rooms, hats, use of styling products – all this has negative effect on scalp and hair. One of main causes of hair loss is stress, which is exacerbated during autumn and winter period: lack of sun, memories of vacation, closing year at work, training sessions.

If you notice that not only more hair when combing remains on brush, but also you see them on pillow after sleeping, and, worst of all, they remain on your hand, you just have to run your fingers through hair – it’s time to seriously deal with their condition. If you didn`t do perm, dye your hair and do your haircut as usual, then apparently your hair needs extra care and strengthening.

We will talk about what anti-hair loss remedies are offered by modern cosmetic market, and also what nourishing “dishes” for hair you can prepare yourself according to grandma’s recipes.

Simple shampoos against difficult problems

If our hair is healthy, then we lose an average of 100 hair per day, and this is normal. If your situation is close to normal, or you are simply afraid that due to cold season, your hair will begin to fall out again, try using special shampoos against hair loss as preventive measure.

These shampoos are presented in large assortment of brands of mass market, and in lines of professional cosmetics. Plus similar series of hair loss in fact that shampoos come with rinses, masks, and sometimes sprays or serums. To achieve best effect, it is better not to neglect manufacturer’s advice and use whole range of one series.

Special remedies for loss

Of professional series are interesting shampoos brands Kerastase Specifique, shampoo bath against hair loss for thinning hair, or shampoo and spray mousse REVLON Intragen. They can prevent and stop hair loss.

If in such problem as hair loss you trust only medical cosmetics, pharmacies have wide range of products. Vichy shampoos “Dercos firming shampoo with Aminexcil against hair loss” or “Dercos anti-dandruff and hair loss care shampoo” can be purchased only here.

Pay attention also to Himalaya Herbals Ayurvedic cosmetics: cream and anti-hair loss shampoo will strengthen the roots. Klorane shapun containing quinine extract also intensively regenerates hair along its entire length.

Ampoules, patches and pills in fight against hair loss

If shampoos don`t help as quickly as we would like, and you want to get more tangible effect, there are additional ways to combat hair loss. Cosmetology companies are inventing new and new products: ampoules with active substances that need to be rubbed into hair roots, patches that carry active substances under skin and strengthen hair from the inside, and vitamin complexes aimed at combating hair loss.

Intensive therapy against hair loss in early stages is available without intervention of trichologist. Basic rule of application is integrated and regular approach, that is, these funds are best used with shampoos of the same range regularly during period recommended by manufacturer.

Spa care against hair loss: in salon and at home

With hair loss during cold period, it makes sense to pamper yourself and your hair with spa treatments. In addition to targeted effects on hair and scalp, you relax and relieve stress, which is also important in fight against hair loss.

Spa treatments for restoration and treatment of hair on basis of new professional products are very diverse. They include several stages, and their total duration ranges from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Professional spa care will be able to identify and solve exactly your problem. Therapeutic components of drugs penetrate damaged areas of hair cells and intensively affect deep layers of scalp with help of special massage, apparatus or procedures using steam.

In salon you will also be selected and advised to leave professional series, which you can also use at home. Procedure in cabin for best effect will need to be repeated in 2-3 weeks.

If hair loss is palpable and troublesome, it is best to contact trichologist – doctor who provides professional assistance for diseases of scalp and hair. In any case – don`t let the problem take its course, monitor condition of your hair and don`t forget that prevention is always easier than treatment.